Best Experience of My Life

This was the most fun I’ve ever had from beginning to end. The owner is so awesome and nice, he gets you super pumped. We had Mike and Enzo as instructors and they were the best! They were funny and helpful and made me feel really safe and have a blast. If you have the chance to go do this … DO IT. And if you can’t … you should anyway. 🙂 Best part of our honeymoon!


My third skydive adventure and by far the best. The owner Dave was a lot of fun! The dive was incredible; climbing over 10,000 feet above Waimea Canyon, jumping over the red dirt fields and stunning coastline of Kauai is so beautiful. Enzo, my husband’s instructor was great. We would definitely do this again. We’re glad we got the videos and pics as well. The pics are all over my Facebook page already!


Awesome, awesome, awesome! Amazing experience! My best skydive yet! Better than Oahu and more beautiful too! I surprised my girlfriend for her thirtieth birthday, and she went nuts! Dave Timko and his entire crew were super professional and so friendly … all around great people! They made us both feel very comfortable, and it was truly an experience we will never forget! Totally worth every penny! Mike and Enzo both rock!! We paid a little extra and got the video and pictures. They are so fun to watch! Highly recommended! Don’t think about it, just do it!! You will never regret it! Experience of a lifetime! We love Sky Dive Kauai!!!!!!! Whooooooooooooo Hoooooooooooooooo!!!


I am not young and certainly not a risk taker, but Dave actually convinced me to do this. It was the most incredible thing I have ever done. I was worried I would have to remember to do things … worried about not liking heights … blah blah blah … BUT you do nothing but enjoy the ride! I recommend these guys to ANYONE … if it’s not on your bucket list, it should be … It forced me out of my box!

Pure Adrenaline

WOW! What an amazing experience from beginning to end. Per Crystal’s recommendation, we woke up at the crack of dawn to be there by 6:30 am for the first jump of the day. Met Mike and Enzo when we finished the paperwork. They were just amazing. Put us at ease right away and explained everything we needed to know at each stage of the jump. The views were spectacular. I highly recommend this to anyone wanting to try skydiving. We can’t wait to do it again.

Absolutely incredible experience with a great company!

I dove in the late morning just as the sun burned a lot of the clouds away and rainbows were popping up everywhere, so the views on the ride up and down were incredible. I dove with Enzo … really cool and fun guy to jump with. I felt safe from the minute I stepped on the plane till the minute I touched the ground. They have HD-quality cameras, so I highly recommend getting a video/pictures of the jump (seriously, why would you not). A great business from front to back. Dave and company really know how to treat their guests well. Mahalo everyone at Skydive Kauai.


No, seriously. Go ahead, do yourself a favor and sign up for a jump. I guarantee you’ll be thinking about your jump for the entire day, and if you’re catching an early morning jump, it definitely works as a caffeine substitute. If it’s your first jump, shell out the $80-something for the video too. It has only been a few hours since the writing of this review, and I’ve already been showing off the video to my relatives in the area. The jump masters you’ll be jumping with are very awesome too. Enzo and Mike were our guides. Complete and utter bros. We’re definitely making this a mandatory part of our future trips to Kauai.

Flipping Awesome!

I wanted to surprise my husband and have us go skydiving. When I called to make our reservations, they were very understanding and went out of their way to help me keep it a surprise. We met Mike and Enzo; these guys are some of the most laid back guys. They made us calm within seconds of talking to them. They told us what to do, and made it very easy to remember. I was nervous once the door opened (My husband said he wasn’t, but guess I’ll never know.) and before I even realized it I had jumped. As soon as I realized we were free falling, I lost all my fear, and Enzo made it as fun as possible. My husband was with Mike and jumped second, and like myself, could not speak more highly of Mike. They were all about safety and returning us in one piece. The ENTIRE staff at Skydive was amazing! They all loved their jobs and it showed! I would recommend them to anyone and everyone!

Amazing, exciting experience

Went with my boyfriend on the sunrise jump and had the best time ever! I was sooo nervous and everyone really made my experience everything it could have been and more! I jumped with Enzo and my boyfriend jumped with Mike which was the perfect pairing! I would totally go again and strongly recommend if you have any doubt just to try and do it! You wont be disappointed!!


This experience was AMAZING!  The entire crew was fun and professional and made the experience really unforgettable. The dive itself was beautiful; the views were spectacular! Living here you think you know the island but seeing it from that angle is a whole new experience 🙂 I would recommend Skydive Kauai to everyone! Especially first timers, because they are sure to make you feel safe and comfortable 🙂

Totally Awesome!!!!!

My son and I went skydiving on his 18th birthday and had the time of our lives. We both want to do it again and we have a killer video to show all our friends! A must do while on Kauai!!!!

Unforgettable Experience

My family of five and I went to Skydive Kauai with the expectation of only my grandpa (ex Green Beret) and I jumping out of a plane. Little did we know that my grandma (who has a deathly fear of heights) and my 6’7″ dad would be joining us! The staff was so helpful, reassuring, and truly made us feel safe and secure in what we were doing. The photos and videos they provided us at the end were spectacular and are memories of ours for a lifetime. Even better, my grandma said she would go again! We’re looking forward to the day when the fifth person in our group (my 14 year old brother) can join us for this unforgettable experience.


Enzo and Mike were great. The scariest part is just signing the paperwork, but they all do such a great job at explaining everything and making you feel safe. Enzo has done over 10,000 jumps and Mike has done over 7,000. They know what they are doing and are very helpful and nice. My mom was petrified and Enzo was just great to her. He kept her calm and talked to her through the whole thing. He explained each step to her and even showed her how to do it. They are very good about reading personalities and making the experience what you want it to be. Enzo and my mom went down slower and smoothly, whereas I wanted to do spins so Mike turned us around and had us flying all over the place.

Most Awesome Experience EVER!!!

We didn’t know what to expect since this was our first time skydiving. My husband and I were paired with Mike and Enzo who were thorough in their instructions but relaxed enough not to make us nervous. We are 60 and 62 and were worried we might be too old for such a thing, but they told us about a guy in his 90’s who comes every year for his annual birthday jump! The ride in the vintage airplane up to 10,000 feet was incredible just by itself, but there are no words for actually taking that first step out of the plane. There was a rush of peace and exhilaration all at once and oddly, no fear. The free fall was just unreal and when the parachute opened after about 30 seconds I really wanted it to last longer. The landing was smooth – basically I just sat down on the ground. These guys obviously love what they do and take great care to make sure you have an experience you will never forget. I would do this again in a heartbeat and would recommend them to everyone!!! And definitely get the video … you will not regret it!!

Outstanding fun!!

What a way to spend our last morning in Kauai. My son and friend (first-time skydivers) had an outstanding experience. The staff treated them professionally when needed but also had some fun with them. The pilot and the two instructors were excellent, making sure they understood the process as they went along. The jump went off without a hitch, beautiful scenery and smooth landing. The video and photos were excellent (how the guys did that and a great ride as well, I don’t know). Great fun for all, including nervous dad.

Great Time!!!

The whole experience was awesome. The crew is incredibly experienced and put us at ease right away. We felt safe and were safe from the get-go. The flight up is beautiful and the return to earth is breathtaking. It is about 30 seconds of freefall and the instructors have cameras connected to their arms to film and photograph the experience. First-time jumpers should get the DVD. GO DO IT!!!!

Most awesome time of my life!

My co-worker and I talked of skydiving and finally did it with SKYDIVE KAUAI. IT WAS THE BEST DAY EVER!! Skydive Kauai was everything we ever could of wanted for our tandem skydive adventure. Dave the owner, the pilot Matt, Mike, Chad and Issac were great at making us feel comfortable and excited about the dive. The ride up to reach 10,000 feet was so scenic it was a great way to see the island..The Free-fall at 120 MPH took my breath away … you can see the curvature of the earth … soo amazing!!!! And being able to steer the parachute after was so peaceful and made me feel like I was flying. The view is astounding!!! Mike, my dive instructor was calm & professional. The plane was cool … painted with eyes and sharp teeth. Matt, our pilot was super cool! The video is a must to get and you get to choose the music you want in the back ground … now that’s cool too! The dive is worth the cost and something that should be on everyone’s “Bucket list”… no better place to skydive than on the most beautiful island of KAUAI~~~ SKYDIVE KAUAI ROCKS!!~~

The best place to skydive

Skydive Kauai was everything we ever could of wanted for our tandem skydive adventure. As you approach the “office”, you notice a small building they call home. The guys on the staff are extremely friendly and inviting. The instructors put you at ease and answer any questions that you have. The plane is a little single engine Cessna that seems to run excellent. Our ride up to elevation was quick, scenic, and the guys point out all the sights. The jump – The jump was exciting, totally extreme, and all we wanted. My wife and I had a video done of our free-falls, with spins, and replays, the whole nine yards. The Landing – The landing was smooth, no problems, and we landed on our feet, and back at the airport! Sooo sweet. Overall I would recommend the staff and whole experience of Skydive Kauai for an experienced jumper or first timer.

Best fun ever!!!

I read all the reviews on this site before booking a dive for my sister and I.  We booked, thinking we’d just ask a lot of questions, but when we arrived we didn’t have to. Dave was very friendly and efficient, and our instructors, Mike and Enzo were excellent and very reassuring. They gave us plenty of instruction and answered all our questions. Of course, it was really hard to remember all the instructions when the door opened up at 10,000 feet and you’re staring down into space, but it’s their job to make sure we’re safe and do everything right, which they did. (I forgot to uncross my arms because I was too busy freaking out! But my instructor Enzo promptly reminded me.). After the parachute was out, my instructor proclaims rather casually, “Thank you, parachute!” Hhaaha, thanks for that! We got to steer the parachute for a few moments and they performed lots of safety checks on our gear, so we were totally safe. We got to choose a couple of songs for our videos as well and got some awesome still photos too. All in all, it was a great experience; and if I ever end up in Hawaii again I’d totally visit Skydive Kauai again!

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